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We offer you NEW BMW ICOM A2+B+C new software 2017/9 with high performance loptop. everything is tested and prepared  for work, no need to do any installation or software activation anymore. All functions such as programming and etc. are fully working. High A++ quality item!

*dear costumers mind loptop is not new, used but in mint condition. For loptop details please check information bellow if still need more info please contact us and we will reply to you asap.


The BMW ICOM Diagnose systemset is the new generation BMW diagnostic system and the official system in BMW NL for coding / programming of vehicle modules on all BMW cars, BMW Motorcycle, Mini Cooper and R & R.

ICOM A2 stands for Integrated Communication Optical Module (Interface), is a high performance system which has the GT1 diagnostic head and the OPS diagnostic head completely replaced since the beginning of 2010. This new diagnostic system work with ISTA / D replaces all previous DIS and SSS versions and the new diagnostic generation of BMW and is supplied as a complete kit with the base unit (ICOM A), the unit (ICOM B) and 20 pin adapter (ICOM C ), operating Dell Latitude E5420 laptop and Related network cable / USB cable. This system is suitable for all BMW vehicles, and can only with this system, the new BMW F and G models are diagnosed, so it is therefore for all BMW vehicles built in 1992 - 2017 (current).

BMW ICOM is adaptive and scalable i.e. whichever you vehicle / model diagnosing or encoding want the ICOM A, B or C are at the Set (Optional for BMW Motorcycles ICOM D) for disposal may for example ICOM C (20 pin adapter) can be simply plugged be taken to the ICOM A / B (base unit) and the diagnosis of older BMW are performed with rounds diagnostic connector, or in newer BMW only the base unit ICOM A with integroerten OBD-II connector etc., the system is set so adaptive to each BMW model.


The coding (programming the vehicle modules)

which systems at BMW NL otherwise only certified online is reserved for locally performed at our system completely off (Stand alone) thus it is possible not only the diagnosis but also the coding of the vehicle modules offline (without BMW Server as only possible as usual) and at no extra cost to perform what is very important since you into their "Werkstatleben" and have the situation ECUs Falshen or to encode and since bekantlich any coding not only money but also your time would take, we save you this with our system.

So you need with our system only one working, just plug in the vehicle and diagnose, local, practical and completely offline without any extra cost and waste of time! And if you do not know the system and have never worked with no problem! Our Free Personal delivery service to the system has a real and directly to your BMW vehicle.


German, English, Russian


Newest Update Software Version of all possible  - 2017/09

Firmware version

ICOM-PF-CORE 3.15.00

ICOM-Boot: 01.26.00

ICOM-Application: 01.41.00


Loptop Specification

Intel Core i-5 processor


500 GB HDD (300GB USED)

Good Battery  (holds aprox -3h or more)


Powerful engineer software:

 Re-flash the hidden function of all BMW AG models, separately program each module, program and decode for the old parts that need to replace, change Human Machine Interaction (HMI) language (Note: The operator need to be very well qualified-like BMW engineer)


BMW ICOM A2+B+C Function:

A2- OBD diagnostic supporting MOST, D-CAN and K-CAN protocols

B - diagnostic via MOST bus, and have connection to A-interface via USB connection.

C - 20-pin cable for old models.


BMW ICOM A2 Specification

1.The modified ICOM A2 for vehicles with OBD access receives a significantly more powerful processor and more storage capacity.Robustaluminium case will help to avoid damage when using in harsh environments.
2.To protect the MOST connector, the ICOM B for vehicles with optical MOST access will be equipped with a soft cover made of rubber instead of the former plastic cap
3.The ICOM C for old series with a diagnostics socket will be additionally equipped with an approx. 20 cm long cable, which facilitates the connection of the ICOM A2 and makes storage in the engine compartment easier.

4. BMW ICOM A2+B+C support BMW cars  untill 2017 year. Support BMW & MINI full system diagnose and offline programming.


Package Contains: 

1 x BMW ICOM A2 Interface
1 x BMW ICOM B Most
1 x BMW 20pin Cable
1 x USB Cable
1 x OBD2 Cable
1 x LAN Cable

1 x  loptop (Dell Latitude or Lenovo Thinkpad)

1x Loptop charger (euro plug)